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"Finished reading it last night!  I really enjoyed it.  It was easy to follow, fast paced and fun.  Great descriptions of the angels and demons.  I kept picturing it as a movie.  I really liked the family relationships portrayed as loving but real.  The references to the Philadelphia area were fun.  Looking forward to the next one!"

-Nancy Elliott-Carter

" I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book.  It was exciting with twists and turns, each chapter left me wanting more.  I liked how every detail mattered and was tied into other sections of the story, some of them subtle.  I enjoy when I read a book and feel as if I've learned a secret because I was paying close enough attention.  Well done!"

-S. S. Ludwig

Guardian Watch Series


Book 1

The Last Rogue Soul

 P R O L O G U E - Sneak Peek!

   In the Guardian Library, The Author sat at his desk, deep in thought

when he noticed a dark shadow pass in front of him.  Looking up, he

was surprised to see Lucifer standing before him.  "And what, pray tell,

prompts the 'Prince of Darkness' to drop in unannounced?"

   Lucifer raised an eyebrow as he leaned on the desk towards The

Author, "I need no announcement, nor do I require permission to speak

with the likes of you, co-conspirator.  Let us not forget who runs these


   The Author averted his gaze.  Softening his tone, he attempted to

placate Lucifer.  "I meant no disrespect, my lord.  Most often your

arrival is preceded by a visit from one of your... underlings," the

nervousness creeping into his voice, "I just thought... the sudden

deviation could lead one to think... something was amiss."

   "How and when I choose to do something, does not concern you.

Concern yourself with holding up your end of the bargain.  So...

Author, where do we stand?"

   The Author leaned back in his chair taking a nonchalant posture,

before answering, "All goes as planned," he assured him.

   Lucifer sneered, "So speak your words Author... however, your

eyes speak something different.  I am, after all... the master of deception.  Or have you forgotten this, as well?"

   The Author thrust himself from his chair to look directly into the eyes

of Lucifer, "I assure you, our plan is well under way.  Soon, The Father

will be dethroned and all of mankind shall find themselves groveling

at our feet."

   Lucifer leaned in even closer.  His eyes narrowed and turned a deep

shade of purple.  His voice a calculated, menacing whisper, "Careful

Author.  Do not allow yourself to become t0o comfortable in my

presence."  Then, he faded from the room, leaving The Author feeling

slightly weakened in the knees.


And so it began ...

Forever Friends & Friday Nights

We have been friends many years, and have grown to love and trust each other.  Through a series of unlikely events, we began our journey into the literary world.  For two years now, we spent nearly every Friday night together, plotting, planning, writing, reading and editing.  We have laughed and cried our way to the finish line, and are so glad we decided to do this!  We had a ball, and we hope you will enjoy reading it!

"Really?  Because the last time I looked, I'm already dead... so, there's that."

- Garret


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